Bad roo, what to do...


10 Years
May 3, 2011
I've had chickens for about 5 months now. Back in Feb. I bought 4 pullets (I thought) well as luck would have it, one turned out to be a rooster ;-( not only a rooster, but a game rooster!
Now I must admit, he's a handsome devil, but the other day, while I was out photgraphing the hens, Pablo snuck up behind me and jumped on my back
scaring the poop out of me. When I jumped up and went to kick at him he got worse! Raised his hackles and came at me, I took off my bucket hat and proceeded to wail on him.. He took off into the horse paddock, and I had to get my little chicken dog Liz to round him back up.


As you can see, he's a good lookin' rascal (perfect for photographing) but I'm non too thrilled with the attacks. He's come at me once more since the first time, I got a cane pole and swiped at him with it...I make sure I have something handy whenever I go into the yard now...but is there anything else I can do to deter him from coming at me? He's only about 6 months old, so maybe still trainable? I really don't have the heart to eat him...and when he was a chick he was so friendly ;-(
He appears to be a nice looking Aseel Rooster. If he is attacking you at 6 months of age, he'll continue with his aggression. You can train him to not attack you but he'll never be trustworthy with other people he considers a threat.
This is how I trained my roo-

My roo was thinking he was dominant over me. In chicken world when another chicken pecks another chicken on the head it shows hierarchy . So the one who pecked the other one on the head is the more dominant one. So I just took my roo and with one of my fingers roughly tapped him on the top of his head. He now isnt aggressive anymore.

I heard this on a website one day and I tried it and it worked. Good luck. Hes super pretty.

My guy was about to go in the stew pot, he is ugly and aggressive. But i didn't have the heart to do that so i gave him a chance

EDIT: You have to do this more than once by the way
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Thanks for the tips :) I was told he was a Malay rooster, albeit probabaly a mutt Malay. I make it a point now, that whenever I go in the yard, he's not to come near me, I think he's kind of getting the message, but not sure. My husband actually did some work in their yard last weekend, and Pablo didn't try anything with him (and he's never around the chickens at all) he did say that every time he'd turn around Pablo would make like he wasn't noticing him, but he could tell he was watching him ;-) I told him not to turn his back on him. I know I couldn't eat him, so I'd have to rehome him I guess. I'll probably keep him, and just try to get the message across that he's not to mess with me ;-) I will say this, he is very protective of his hens, so he's got that going for him ;-) I just hope he doesn't get 3 feet tall!!! LOL

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