Bad scaly leg mites, help!

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    Hello, my White silkie hen has bad scaly leg mites, especially on her left leg. It hurts her to walk around on them. I let her legs soak in warm soapy water a few hours ago. I rinsed them, dried them, and coated them in Petroleum Jelly. That seemed to help her a bit. She spends all day under our back deck. She always has access to food and water. A few weeks ago when I noticed the leg mites I would spray them with cooking spray (I read you can do this) every 2-3 days. Then they got worse. I just hope her legs get better, I have dealt with leg mites a lot in the past and they always got better. I hope my Silkie does the same, I have no pictures of her legs.

    Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! [​IMG]
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    Paint the legs and feet and roosts with one part kerosene to two parts linseed oil a couple times a month.
    If it is that bad, I'd also treat with ivermectin. Bantams 5 drops orally, LF 1/4cc orally. Don't eat the eggs for a while.
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    I heard that kerosine stings!so I wouldn't use it.

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