Bad Syfy Movies?


We're all mad here
11 Years
Jan 13, 2011
Glen, MS
Who else loves these? I have been known to plan my night around them.
They crack me up. Megashark VS Crocosaurus is on right now...but I think my favorite had to be "Sharktopus"....

Alright, fess up, who else loves these?
I love the megashark type series... and the made for scify channel movies
When you've had a fever and are stonded out of your skull on nyquil they're amesome in thier awfulness. When chanel flipping mr saddi and i have been known to play the game "who's in this movie because thier under contract and hopes no one sees it?" Interesting tidbit, the actor that plays shriff carter in eureka, has played a cop/ranger/fbi agent etc 16 times for sci fi movies, he once said in the interview that he thought it was to save $$ for wardrobe.

Now thier actual series are good, eureka, warehouse 13 (I had my hair cut in the claudia), and SGU were all really good, but 99% of thier made for tv movies stink. (exceptions, alice, tin man
We watch these all the time. I call it mindless entertainment
Huge snakes, Dinosharks and crocodiles bigger than your house--Oh my!!!
We saw the "Megashark vs. Crocosaurus" on the listing tonight when I asked DH to check to see what's on TV this evening. I believe what DH actually called it was, "That great science fiction blockbuster, 'Megashark vs. Crocosaurus'!"
SyFy channel comes up with some doozies.

While we didn't watch this and sometimes have a hard time watching the goofy movies on SyFy, sometimes we do kinda love them... but then again, we were both fans of old "B" movies back in the day.

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