Bad thermostat day of setting


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Mar 17, 2010
essexville, michigan
I've had my styrofoam bator on heat for about 2 weeks now, playing with the humidity,tweaking here and there, and everything had been real steady. Temps staying at 100 humidity at 50, then spiking to 70 when I soak the sponge I have in there. I got 14 eggs today and have been letting them aclimate to my room temperature, and was going to put them in the bator before we went to meet the BIL AND SIL for dinner. I walked in here where the computer and incubator are and the light coming out of the closet where the bator is was flashing like a strobe light, I looked in and the temps had dropped to 96 and I'm saying WHY NOW. I tapped on the thermostat with a screwdriver but it didn't help so I did what the millwrights I used to work with always did, got a bigger hammer. Since then the temps have climbed, and right now are up to 99.3, no fluttering lights, I'm going to wait until I come home from dinner to see if the temps have stayed where they were and no flashing lights. and then set them.
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Set eggs at 9:30pm December 30
Will rotate at 7:00am, 3:00pm and 11:00pm

temp was at 100.0 when eggs were set.
If the the light is fluttering on an off, then replace it. I had the same problem, but replaced the bulb, and the incubator went back to normal.
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