Bad turkey hatch answers wanted please

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11 Years
Jan 14, 2009
Mt. Pleasant
I just had a turkey hatch, I had to help him a little bit, it was a little palm. but when he came out of the egg he had scissor beak really bad. I woke up my husband to show him and we noticed he only had one eye. his head was severly misshapen. We bought the parents as adults could this have happend because they may have been related? I'm baffled never seen anything like this before Now I can not go back to sleep because I feel so horrible like somehow it's my fault. we have already took care of him but I just can't understand why these things happen I kept the humidity right and he came out on time I'm so confused
Sounds like a genetic problem. Have you hatched any other birds from the parents? It probably doesn't matter if they are related, but one (or both) could be carrying the crossbeak genes, which tend to get worse in subsequent generations. I'd chalk this one up to bad luck and see what the next hatch brings. If your next hatch is also defective (and you are sure the problem isn't with you or your equipment) then I would not use those parents for breeding again.

Sorry for your loss. Good luck with future hatches.
i have read on here that incubation problems with temps and/or humidity can also cause it, but I would suspect genetic. I too would hatch another clutch to see if it showed up in the next hatch. If it did, I'd sell or eat the birds.

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