Bakersfield, CA March 6-7 BFFC show --anyone going?


10 Years
Jul 29, 2009
N.San Diego County
Anyone going? Anyone have any info on specific show rules? Thinking of going but wondering what I'll find when I get there....... No info online at all and the club folks are less than forthcoming....
I have not been to a show in quite a few years and my wife has never been. So we are planning on driving up for the day on saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends.
My wife and I drove up for the day on saturday. Got to see a lot of folks I hadn't talked to in almost 10 years. Mostly bantams since it was the ABA Semi-Annual meet. I could kick myself for forgetting my camera. I was planning on posting some pix.

I did meet a gentleman who has my dad's line of BB Red OEG bantams and has done well with them. The last ones I had were stolen.

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