Bald back americauna?!?


6 Years
Jun 1, 2017
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my husband and I are new chicken owners so I have been using this as constant resource. We got our chickens from a friend who could no longer keep them. We we have an Americauna, Brahma, 2 RIRs and a Cochin. Wanting more eggs we found young black americauna and introduced it to our coup. It took a few weeks but she had been doing fine. Our neighbors have chickens and since we didn't have a rooster our chickens would end up at their house because we usually let them free range during the day. Ultimately our neighbor gave us his extra rooster. He's about a 6 months RIR. Since we have been keeping him in our coop our chickens stay close but we noticed our americauna ( new black one) started loosing feathers on her back. We often saw our rooster on top of her and she seemed to stick close to him for protection. A little about me, I have a newborn at home ( 3 months old ) and a 3 yr old so I leave the chicken tending to my husband. He's been saying he's noticed they have been loosing feathers and I assumed from the rooster mounting them. Thought about getting a chicken apron for my black chicken because she was getting it the worse. Well we went out of town 3 weeks ago and kept them cooped. Had my dad check in on them and he said the black one was sitting on eggs and the rest hung out in the run and on the purches in the coup. Long story to get the whole picture but went out today with my husband after he told me she looked horrible and he was washing her with the hose. She looks like she's been plucked all on her back. We thought a few weeks it was lice or mites but it's only affecting this one chicken mostly and our red americauna, and or buff brahma. Please help and please be gentle with your responses. I feel horrible it got this bad I just kept on thinking it would get better as our rooster lost interest. I never see the other chickens picking on her but she is skitish like my other americauna. Is this just from being mounted by our rooster or is she sick? Should we separate her? Would that make I it harder to come back to the coop? Could it be mites? Are there vets for chickens? I'm very concerned and clueless. Will upload a picture of black americauna and red with missing feathers
Hi there!
Your rooster is over mating them/mating them too rough.
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I have no experience with I can not offer advice.
I will "look" real quick for some articles/threads about saddles and point you in that directions.
Thank you! Any suggestions? I'm debating separating her.. or getting rid of the rooster?
That is totally up to you.
If she were mine...I would remove him. :oops:

You could move her, but then he may just tear up the other girls.
Keep can learn so much from this site.

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