Bald Chicken...Help PLEASE!!!

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    Oct 6, 2008
    So i have a Rooster and my neighbor's dog got him and pulled out almost all of his feathers... he lookes horrible!Cry I feel so so bad but i wasnt home when it happend. The dog has never been on my property before but the one time he did he had to come after my rooster. so i have him in my house in my spare bathroom tub and i was wondering if anyone can tell me what to do i have never been in this situation before... and i need some help...also will he grow his feathers and if so how long will it take??

    Thanks a bunch!!
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    Aug 8, 2008
    I'm so sorry for your little guy. If he's got any bleeding cuts, put some Neosporin on them after washing with saline solution.

    Hopefully someone with more experience than I will chime in soon!

    [​IMG] even if it was a tragedy that brought you here.
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    Maybe you should put this under, Emergencies/Diseases,Injuries, and Cures? You may get faster help. Sorry I can't help you.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum. I moved your post to a section where it will get more detailed attention.

    As long as there are no external wounds or internal trauma time will allow for the regrowth of feathers. From the description I would say the dog thinks your rooster is a toy to play with.

    Your neighbor needs to keep their dog contained, or he will be back looking for his "toy".
  5. Time is the only thing that will replace feathers.

    You can increase his protein intake to support better plumage growth. Try a higher protein feed like Purina Gamer Bird Chow, breeder formula. Its upwards of 20% protein or more and formulated for stronger growth and better plumage. Chickens need protein to grow good feathers and this would help him replace what he lost.

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