Bald hen!


May 22, 2015
Hi, I have 3 hybrid hens - all 18 months old.

For the past 8 weeks now my black hen has been losing feathers on her tummy, chest and under her chin/neck! Sometimes the areas look quite sore and red and it has become progressively worse. I have checked for mites/lice and have not been able to see any and other wise she has been eating,laying and playing as normal and does not seem unwell. See pictures attached (excuse pic of needle this is for my diabetic cat!)

The past few weeks I have noticed my other 2 hens becoming a bit "shabby" in appearance and one of them is losingg feathers on the side of her neck, but lower down on the neck comparedto the black hen and the feathers pins are snapped rather than a complete loss ofthe feather.

They all seem fit and well and are laying, eating and active. There coop is clean and powdered regularly against mites and i've not seen any evidence of them being aggressive to one another, they are not completely free range as when I am at work they do spend 5 hours a day in a hut together, but there is activites for them and i don't believe its overcrowded.

I am at a loss of what to do! Please help

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