Bald spot on bottom? Please help!

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    May 27, 2015
    Hey chicken friends! So today I went out to do my usual chicken duties, and I saw that my little Ezmerelda has a huge bald spot on her bottom! I also noticed one of the other chickens pecking at her, so do you think they're picking on her? She is the smallest one out of the nine. Also, it's still pretty cold here so will she be more susceptible to the cold with this spot? What should I do??



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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    Yes she is getting pecked around her vent. It can damage her or they can even cannibalize her if it goes on. Get some BluKote spray and spray her vent area daily until healed.. Separate her in a cage or pen until you get it, and put some plain neosporin on her. Make sure that her vent looks normal, and there is not a prolapse of internal re tissue sticking outside (which can be an emergency.) Make sure they are getting outside daily to range to prevent boredom, have adequate room, at least 16% protein in their diets, and look out for a bully. Here are some links to read:
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