Bald spot on duck's neck?


6 Years
Jul 17, 2013
My almost one year old welsh harlequin duck has a big bald spot on the back of his neck. It's about the size of a golf ball! I've noticed that one duck always attacks and bites the back of the other ones neck. I've read that this is a form of mating, but they're both boys? Help!!!:/
Amanda: yes,this is a result of mating and dominance. Homosexuality in birds is not uncommon. When I worked at the zoo, it was common at this time of year. Either separate the drakes or give them each about 10 hens.
Can I get an update on this? What happened to your duck? I am in the exact same situation right now and I need more info please.
I'm worried because this duck was in a little accident as a duckling (he almost drowned) and the last case like that that I read about, the duck died. But other people say to not worry about it. I would like to know how your duck turned out and I'll be praying for my duck if y'all could do that as well. Thanks!
I'm separating them for the night. They don't like that, but I hope they'll live. They were 1 year old last week, so about the same age your welsh harlequin was. How long should I separate them? I'm a little worried for them.

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