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Apr 15, 2007
Person County NC
My chickens (6 Ply Barred Rock & 6 Golden Red) are about 11 months old. In the past 2 days I've noticed that several of them have silver dollar sized bald spots on their rumps - below the anus but not quite between their legs. On inspection the bald spots are clean and do not appear red, inflamed, irritated, or scarred. I don't see any indication of fighting and have not observed any of them picking at these bald spots. In the past two weeks my egg yield has dropped - some days only 6-8 eggs, but some days still getting 10-11 as has been normal.

Is this the beginning of moult?
Any advice appreciated!
Same for one of my oldest hens. She's been the same all winter.... Not sure if this gal is laying, but she is a favorite.
16 spoilt chickens, 1 13yo good-ole hounddog (now sleeps alot) dd
This has gotten a little worse. 4 or 5 of the chickens now have the bald spot. The spots have gotten a bit larger. The other chickens are beginning to peck at the spot and now a couple of the chickens have broken skin and blood on the bald spot. The one that is the worst seems to be staying away from the others (to avoid them bothering the spot I assume).

I talked to a friend who has some experience w/ chickens. He had some point of interest but no real direct advice:
1) When a chicken has a wound the others will stay after it.
2) Could be that the chickens are too confined - I rule that out in my case.
3) Could be that they are not getting fed enough - I rule that out as there is usually some feed left when I put out new.
4) Diet problem - I doubt it as I feed layer pellets, corn, and grass/weeds that I pull up/cut daily.
5) He didn't think that putting vaseline on the spot would discourage the other chickens from pecking - he said a chicken's taste/smell since was not strong enough for this to matter.

Any one have any more advice?
Some people use black tar that you can get from Tractor Supply and SeaChick puts duck Tape on hers. It will not stick to the skin and will fall off in about 3 weeks, she has had alot of success with this method. I hope this helps.

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