7 Years
Sep 4, 2012
I have a bald girl. She's less than 1 year old but coming up on it. She's nearly completely bald on her back. She's a frizzled cochin, and this doesn't look normal, my wife and I have been waiting since mid-winter for her feathers to begin growing back but they aren't. All of our birds are very docile it's just her and 3 silkies that were hatched together and they're all very close and friendly. We've tried "feather growing feed" supplements, wormer, etc, but she remains bald. Please help, I'll attach pictures later. Thank you!
Do you have a rooster who is over mating her? Hens will also pick the feathers there. If you suspect feather picking, you can increase the protein in their feed to 20%, make sure they have plenty of room and get out to range some, and give them some objects to pick at and climb on in their coop. Also you can try some anti-pick lotions, or some Nustock from the feedstore which is healing plus it tastes bad. Hen saddles and aprons can cover the bare back until molt or feathers grow back in. Do check the skin for lice and mites, also. Here is a link for you:

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