Balding and Dosage question

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yeddi 05

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8 Years
May 18, 2011

I have 1 female hen that I'm going to start on Duramycin-10 tomorrow for what sound like a raspy cough type thing. I'm just not what the ratio is? like 2 table spoons to 1 gal water? Any recommendations? She is about 5 or 6 motnhs old just about ready to start laying. I am going to isolate her for treatment. Also, once treatment is over and if she were to start laying how long must we wait for medicine to leave her system?

Also I notice a couple of the hens are like balding from their underside up toward the that normal? I thought I saw a post on that before but couldn't find it in a search. It looks like along the edges of the area there are new feathers still encased in that a part of molting?

1 other thing. One of the same hens with the bare space on her chest also has some balding going on near her comb...i'm not sure if there is any redness or raw spots but shoud I just keep an eye on it?

Any adivce on the above is much appreciated,
I am new to this,

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I found the ratio for water to medicine..still lookin for advice on the rest.


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