bamachicken eggs hatching!


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Jun 29, 2007
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I've got one little silkie hatched and 2 splash and 1 blue orp babies out this morning. I can see at least 1 more pip in the orp eggs. I hope at least one more silkie hatches to give the little one a little friend like herself!!

I also filled the other incubator up last night with more eggs from Julie and BLRW and Sussex eggs from another girl that I've gotten BLRWs from before.
Babies, babies, and MORE babies!! Congrats on the hatch...but...ummm, where are the pics?
I think the hatch is done, although I'll give them a couple more days....just in case. I have 3 splash and 1 blue orp and 1 buff silkie. That leaves 2 orp eggs and 3 silkies that made it to the hatcher but didn't hatch. I'll probably move them over later and get some pictures then. They're cute little buggers.
How sweet and that is speaking positively if I have ever heard it. Maybe that will all be pullets. Love the splash
The lighting isn't very good in my basement. I'll try and get some better ones tomorrow or in the next couple of days. The darker one looks more blue than what the picture looks like. They all seem to be doing well.

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