Banny has the Answer to all of your problems

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  1. If you need to remove crayon marks from Drywall, a Chainsaw does a good job.

    If you are a bed wetter, I shouldn't need to tell you where to apply the Duct Tape.

    If your house is sinking due to Foundation trouble, apply one 2lb. charge of Dynamite 25ft. from each corner to lower the ground level so that nobody notices.

    If you need a Bull Calf castrated within 3 days, a Weed Hacker does the job very quickly.

    If you have a sleeping disorder, sow VelCro to the inner armpits and knees of your clothing.

    If you don't have DeCalf coffee available, you can make it yourself. 6 tablets of Gravol per Cup.

  2. LOL
  3. I have some more:

    Keep all of your hair from every haircut you've ever gotten. That way, if your country gets invaded during a war, you can pretend to be a Bear. Terrorists don't care about Bears.

    If you are stressed, get a pair of chickens, and wait for the Rooster to mount the hen. Then, quickly run up behind them and kick the rooster off as hard as you can. This is very therapuetic.
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  5. banny is VERY imaginable...
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    I have no words for this
  7. I'm sure you do, Luidy. You're just holding back because you've begrudged us :D
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    You wanna hear what I have to say?
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    I do that all the time LOL

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