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    Last week we had our 1st 3 guinea keets hatch from our own eggs. They are so adorable as keets. We gave 1 to our friends who started us out with guineas in the 1st place. That left 2. Unfortunately I found 1 had died a couple of days ago leaving a lone keet. This poor thing was so lonely. I had a stuffed parrot in with it as well as a mirror, but it just could not be consoled. So, I decided to get another keet from a feed store. They had both lavender and white guineas. These were a bit older, but my DS and I decided to get a white keet as we have not had 1 of this color before. We also got 5 chicks as well as we could not buy just 1. Well on the way home this keet would not shut up! My other DS decided to name it Bashee. Seems like the perfect name. When we looked it up I found this:

    The Banshee: The bean-sidhe (woman of the fairy may be an ancestral spirit appointed to forewarn members of certain ancient Irish families of their time of death. According to tradition, the banshee can only cry for five major Irish families: the O'Neills, the O'Briens, the O'Connors, the O'Gradys and the Kavanaghs. Intermarriage has since extended this select list.

    What is so funny about this is our last name is Grady. Once upon a time it was O'Grady. Now if only we were one of the select few who could actually hear the Banshee call and he/she wouldn't be able to be heard by the neighbors.

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