Bantam and LF roosters in PA


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Feb 27, 2014
BeaverSprings, PA
I have 3 young roosters that are 6-7 weeks old, which includes a silver laced cochin and 2 that I'm unsure of. Though I am leaning towards D'anvers.
I also have a silkie mix, he is 6 months.
A 1 year old silkie- pure silkie but hatchery quality with no feathering on legs.
And a 3 and a half month old RIR Rooster as well.
I cannot ship, but I can meet in Beaversprings, Lewistown or McVeytown, PA.
These roosters are beautiful, I just cannot keep them all as I'm getting over-ran.
The RIR , Cochin and D'anvers (possibly) were all raised with me and love people!
They are so sweet, and Red (my RIR) Responds to his name when called.
They were all raised with and handled by children as well.
I do not have any photos of my 1 year old silkie or silkie mix but can upload or send via text upon request. Thank you.!

Update**the two bantams on the bottom that I was thinking could have been d'anver roosters are actually OEGB pullets and are no longer going to be re-homed. : )
and thank you Loc20chic. They are very pretty. I think My little silver laced cochin is going to be stunning , i really hate to see them go. If I could afford to travel that far to re-home them I would! lol.

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