Bantam Blue Andalusian and Bantam Cochin, Austin TX


6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
Two of our cockerels, about 6 months old, need a new home. One is a beautiful small Blue Andalusian bundle of energy, excellent sentinel, named Splash. The other is a dark black Cochin (named Kunigunde - we originally thought he was a hen), a bit on the large size for a bantam at 4 pounds, but not putting on any more weight. Both are very healthy.

We have one more rooster and only two bantam hens, so life is a bit frustrating for those two. Both were hand-raised and especially the Cochin can be quite comfortable in your lap. They love to roam around and check out the yard, so close confinement wouldn't serve them well. Free to a good home, but NOT A CROCKPOT! Send PM or call 512 912 8442.

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