Bantam breed help please!


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5 Years
Mar 8, 2014
Northeast Tennessee

I picked up these little guys earlier but I'm unsure what breed they are. They're all bantams and the whitish ones are actually a smokey gray and have feathery feet. I'm at a total loss with the others. Thank you all in advance!
Your brown chick is a Golden Sebright. The grey ones with feathery feet could be Cochins or d'Uccles. Can you get a face shot?
The smokey gray ones might be silkies, the black ones maybe barred plymouth rocks or dominiques. I'm not sure about the one with the brown head. Maybe a barnevelder or welsummer?!? Do any others besides the smokey gray ones have feathered feet?

I've got more pics but my phone is being a goober and not uploading. I don't think the gray ones are silkies because they've only got 4 toes. I'm going to try to upload the other pics again.

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