Bantam chick ID- 2 day old *PIC HEAVY!

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I just recieved my order of "assorted purebred bantams" from McMurry hatchery yesterday, I couldn't be more pleased! I ordered 15 and received 19 health bounching baby peeps! They garenteed 5 different breeds- I think I have 8! Everyone looks great, all we born on monday Sept 23. I am almost 100% sure on who is who but I thought I would post anyway, because lets be honest- who doesn't want to look at adorable chicks! Let me know if you think I didnt get their breeds correct, I will love them no matter what they are!

Barred cochins:


Black Japanese: (not really sure about this one- pretty much solid black, clean black legs)

Black tailed buff japanese: (not positive on these, it looks like they each have a black marker dot on their head. Yellow body, yellow clean legs)

Golden sebright:

Lavender duccle:

Mille fleur duccle:

Silver sebright:

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oops, the single chick by the red feeder in the middle of the lavander duccle section is really the mille fleur (nevermind- I figured out how to move it :) )
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Nice collection of chicks, glad to see everybody made it happily. Agree with your IDs, the buff jps I got from McM were yellow with black dots mostly. McM has Porcelain d'Uccles, Ideal has three or four light colors, so if they were drop shipped from Ideal you may have multiple colors. Can you tell what sort of comb the black chick has? I have gotten mostly black EE bantams from them also.
s/he is still too little for me to guess what kind of comb, but after doing a little investigating I now know that all colors of japanese bantams have yellow legs/feet, so it must be something else. S/he looks so similar to the barred cochins that I just assumed it was another one of them, until I picked it up and there were clean legs.An EE would be nice, I don't have one of those yet :)
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