Bantam Cochin X Langshan?

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    Hello, this is my first post at BYC!

    This summer I rescued a chick and raised him to about 3 months before finding a proper farm to take him in. I'm friends with the farmer and like to visit from time to time when I can get down there.

    His name is Pippin and I believe he's a bantam black cochin. (Again, he was rescued, found him in the middle of a road and couldn't find where he had come from.)

    The farm has a couple of hens, most of them are regular sized and indifferent or mean to him, but luckily they had one headstrong little black bantam and she and Pippin have really taken to one another. I believe she's a bantam black langshan.

    Here's the one of the better pictures I have of the two of them:
    (There are plenty more, and videos, on his Facebook page!)

    They're about the same age, both beautiful and healthy and well cared for, and we are looking forward to seeing them hatch a nice brood next year!

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what their babies might look like, and maybe some of you have experience with crossing these two types and some photos to share? (And actually, although I've raised chickens before, I was never into breeds and breeding, so I may have gotten both Pippin and his girlfriend's breeds completely wrong! Happy to be corrected if so.)

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    Hello and [​IMG]

    If he's a Cochin he's a black and red one, obviously, not just a black one. However you get his general type very commonly from Silkie-Pekin crosses and a whole lot of other crosses too; I've seen birds like him with Silkie, Pekin and Japanese bantam ancestry quite often.

    Until you see his offspring, you won't have any idea what went into his ancestry. You could breed him dozens of times over the years with different hens and see different traits come out, so the first generation is just a guideline not an absolute, anyway.

    The hen I don't know about... Is she debeaked?

    Without knowing for sure their breeding, you can't guarantee or even guess anything much about their potential offspring, except black and red, bantam size, single combs, and feathered legs and feet are likely to be predominant. It's not a guarantee though.

    Best wishes.
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