Bantam Duplex


11 Years
Aug 16, 2008
First, gather your tools and use an old dilapitated dresser for your woodcutting table!


Then you gather all your materials (we obviously used more than this)


cut down trees that were in the way and low branches that might have been knocked down into the coops from high winds, storms, etc.


Then we worked on the framing of the base


Then we installed the floor joists


Joists are all in, and we levelled it up on flat cement bricks


one sheet of 4x8 half inch osb for the floor


Glued down vinyl tile for the floor


and we got the back wall framed in, osb nailed on, and braced up. This is where we stopped for today, plan to work on it more tomorrow and hopefully have it ready for painting on Tuesday.

LOL My mom has already asked if we'd come build her one, too.

We didn't get to work on it on Monday, but we did a lot of work on it yesterday. The photos pretty much speak for themselves.

Interior wall went up....

A couple of my Sumatras making sure everything was up to code. We passed inspection. LOL

Then we got the side walls up....

Then we put the framing up above where the doors are going to go...

Then I hurriedly painted everything we had up because rain was coming in today. My DH started putting the carrier beam for the roof, and this is what it looked like when we stopped for the day yesterday.

still need to finish the roof and put on doors, but we're stalled thanks to the rain.

Plan to paint the rest of the inside as well, too.
Very nice :) Those Cochins are so lucky! By the way, how are they behaving themselves?

Hi! They are doing great!! The White Ladies like to be petted and seem to meet me at the door of their temp pen for their share of pettings and a little conversation. I am also getting 2-4 eggs a day out of them!! Both Barred Buff girls are laying and 2 of the whites are laying!! I was so excited to find those eggs!!

Coop building is at a standstill, as we have snow. Blech. My sweet husband did buy me an air compressor and a nail gun to make putting on the roof go faster, and he also got me a brad/stapler gun for when I am ready to make the nesting boxes and runs off the sides. :)

I feel pretty spoiled right now lol
Ok so it has taken longer than I had thought it would to get this coop built, but we are almost there!

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