Bantam EE breeding project (asking for a friend)


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Jul 1, 2020
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I just came across this thread. She definitely wants to use a bantam rooster for the cross not bantam hens. Bantam hens over full sized rooster will give you zero bantam offspring. A bantam rooster over a full sized hen will give you relatively small/bantam hens and regular sized males.

You then cross the bantam rooster to his daughters and youll have a bantam line from then on 👍

If you use a regular rooster with bantam hens itll take way longer and be a headache 🤟
Awesome! I appreciate the encouragement! We're going to inseminate next week, on the 23rd I believe. I'm excited, gonna watch a few videos and prepare myself haha!
I'll update this thread to tell everyone how it goes!

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