Bantam feed?


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10 Years
Feb 2, 2009
Sherwood, Oregon
I just got some bantam chicks(biggest is supposed to be 26 oz) and have been feeding them standard layena chick starter. The grains seem to big for them to swallow, we started grinding them up with a coffee grinder.
I read somewhere that you can feed them game bird starter instead, so we got some today. They love it! I checked the nutrition label and it has all of the same ingredients, but it has higher protein levels (30%) instead of normal starter (18%) Is this food okay? I want to make sure in case anything bad happens!!!!
Mine lived off of gamebird feed for the first week. They survived.
But I had quail and chicks at the same time. After the quail moved out then they got starter feed.
I'm just not sure if i'm gonna have like hulk birds or something!!! that would be wierd.... and i plan on entering these little guys in fair so...

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