Bantam help needed - WHAT are we? Red chicks

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Every morning I wake up thinking today IS the day I will know……when I lay my head down at night, I must confess to myself that day was NOT the day.


Ok, my Bantam dilemma. WHAT are these cuties? They are just starting their 7th week of life and are incredibly s-l-o-w to feather. Believe I have a cockerel and pullet. The research I have done has left me with two possible choices (BUT I am certainly wrong!). Could they be RIR or Cornish?

I DO know they are Bantams. (click on the pics for a larger photo)

Here is Woody – believe he is a roo.

Here is Woodstock – believe she is a pullet.

This a group shot from when they were first brought home.

Here is a bit of an older pic – duckling is a homegrown call mutt and the reason for the Bantam purchase – Peepers (duckling) needed friends.

ANY help is fantastic. Thank you all.
Where did you get them?

They are Rhode Island Reds the slow growing feathers might be a number of things (how much protein is in the feed you are useing?)
RIR - thank you. Have noticed the feathers are starting to get lots of black barring/markings.

Bantams were a feed store purchase. The feed store orders from Privett Hatchery. I did try calling the hatchery to ask about them and was told "we raise 35 different RED bantams" - so they were not alot of help (who KNEW there were 35 different red bantams

All chicks are eating Purina flock raiser (protein at 20%) free choice, and when outside (approx 7am to 8pm) have access to greens (grass/weeds) and misc bugs they catch.

They do not have broken, missing or plucked feathers - all development looks good, blood feathers have good growth, it is just they are slow (rest of flock has feathered out but these two). All chicks get a bit of "billing" nestling from the duckling Peepers but nothing destructive to the feathers/shafts.
They are both males. And this is probably the reason for the slow feathering. I have noticed in the RIR that I have raised, the males tend to feather much slower than the females.
Huh....I didn't know there were RIR bantams. Learn something new every day LOL

I would have said some sort of cornish, I have several bantams that look like yours (different colors, although I have one red one like yours) and they are all cornish, I thought. Mine are all pullets, and how I did that I'll never know, but they also seemed slow to feather in.
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Sorry, I am not sure if you are being serious or not, but there are indeed RIR Bantams!

I was being serious! LOL, I had no idea. I thought that the only RIR's were full sized birds. Neat!

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