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    So we have 7 bantams in the little coop and they started laying in the hen box. We were actually getting 3-4 eggs a day from them and would bring them in and pop them in the fridge with the rest of the eggs. This went on for about a month until last week the hens decided they apparently don't want me taking the eggs anymore and lay them in random places I can't really reach and cover them with hay. OK wanna sit on i'm cool with that, except she doesnt sit on them very much. I will see her sit on them for 20 ish minutes here and there and roll them around but then she doesnt sit on them for hours and even roosts in the coop overnight and leaves them outside. What do I do with the eggs? Does she have to sit on them all the time or is 20 minutes here and there enough? I'm assuming they arent going to grow at that rate and will end up feeding the eggs to the pigs now. Suggestions? There is a roo in with them and I see them "getting busy" all the time
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    She has not went completely broody yet...she might be thinking about it..When she go offically broody she will never want to get off and fluff her feathers up at you when you try to take the eggs, sometimes even peck you..When she does go broody she will hardly get off to eat and drink they get all they can before going broody. Good luck, I would just keep picking up the eggs until she starts trying to incubate the golf balls or fake eggs. [​IMG]

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