Bantam, injured leg

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    I have a bantam cochin roo, approx 14w old. He has been limping on one leg, he walks somewhat normally but does not put full weight on that leg, and about every other step the injured foot clenches when he steps. He sits to rest about every 8 steps. He's otherwise fine, no illness, eating, drinking, trying to roost, dustbathe, everything normally. I felt his foot and didn't see or feel anything abnormal. No bumble. He has been this way about a week. He could have fallen off the turkey's roost or been injured by a turkey as he was in their pen (he's penned separately now with two mellow bantam hens). Do I splint him? I read somewhere the clenched foot means something but I can't find that info now. Any idea how long this could take to heal?
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    He might have clipped him leg. It'll heal by itself, but to insure that it heal properly, take masking tape and make a cast. He'll be good, though.

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