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    This morning the local plumber stopped by and he said I looked tired. Well I stayed up till 1:30 am watching an incubator cam... He shook his head and told me a joke. (I'll "clean up" the plumber language for everyone)

    This farmer had a dozen bantam hens and he wanted to hatch some little ones. He went out and bought a bantam roo for the girls and introduced him to the hens. He started mating right away and the farmer went inside for the day.
    The next morning the farmer went out to feed the birds and discovered all the hens were dead. The roo had "mated" them to death. The bantam roo was strutting around all proud so the farmer thought he would show him and go to town and get a dozen full size hens. The farmer introduced the new hens to the roo later that day and went inside for the day.
    The next morning the farmer realized that the bantam roo had "mated" the full size hens to death too. By now the farmer is furious and came up with a plan that is sure to stop the bantam roo from his violent ways. He went to town and bought a half dozen turkey hens. The farmer introduced them to the roo and went in for the day, confident that he had won the battle of the little roo that could.
    The next morning the farmer went out to do chores and was shocked to find all of the turkeys "mated" to death. Buzzards were beginning to circle the skies above. He just stood there in awe but noticed the the bantam roo was laying among the bodies too.
    The farmer went into the run to clean up the bodies before the buzzards get them and went over to give the little roo a kick and say "there, ya little "bantam", you got what you deserved". But before the farmer could give the bantam a kick the bantam goes "shhh, they are about to land"!

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    [​IMG] not bad
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] I liked that

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    Yeah for the banty rooster!!!
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    lol i've heard that one before [​IMG]
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    I don't get it... [​IMG]

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    Quote:It is better coming from a plumber that has a sailors mouth [​IMG]
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    Feb 5, 2009
    Quote:he kept getting bigger birds for him to mate with but they werent the rooster was playing dead so the vultures would land so he could give them a serve too!

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    Joke originally came from Gene Tracy comedy tape called Brooster the Rooster. It is funny either way.

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