Bantam Leghorn-when does comb develop?

Carrie Lynn

Aug 30, 2010
S.E. Michigan
I have a 5 month-old bantam leghorn pullet. She hasn't begun to lay and I've been watching for POL signs, nothing yet. Her comb is pink and very small, spindly, with little development. When should her comb come in? Since she is a hatchery chick might the lack of development be due to poor breeding? Is what she has now all she will ever have? In her defense, she is a sweet little bird, not at all what I expected from a leghorn.
I can try to get pics if anyone has had experience with bantam leghorns.
Carrie Lynn
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I would give her more time and her comb will get bigger ,she may not lay for another month or so.In cold areas of the country some bantams are not winter layers due to the cold,small body size,housing.etc.

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