Bantam mottled wyandotte project birds


10 Years
Mar 25, 2009
Well my buddy wouldn't let go of many of his blue bantam wyandottes, only a trio, so I took what I could. I've had them together for a while now but my cochin girls decided to quit laying so I'm only getting 2 eggs a day most days. These are pics of the birds, only 1 wyandotte hen would come out of the nest box while the other hides.

This is the rooster with my mottled cochin bantams


Those are some good looking chickens!

I love the coloring of the rooster in the last two pictures.
Well I've got my first chicks hatching from the first cross of the cochin cockerels over the blue wyandottes. I've got 3 out right now and several more pipped. They all should be rose combed If I remember right since my cochin girls went on strike for a while but actually got 2 eggs out of them in 3 days and now one of the wyandotte girls thinks she wants to be broody. I'll post pics when I'm sure they are done and before they go into the brooder. This makes me very happy!!!!!!! I think I have more in the incubator at my friends house but can't remember what all I've got down there but should have a hatch at the first of the week.

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