Bantam Question?? UPDATED with photos

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  1. I went to one of our local feedstores and they have a some mixed breed Silkie cross St. Run chicks. They are SUPER CUTE and I have been thinking about going back and picking one up.

    The chicks are fully feathered so I was wondering if I would be able with all of your help be able to tell what would be a Roo or a Pullet.

    I can not have a roo and I am not sure if they would have tell tale signs right now of what gender they could be?

    Would pictures help out on this? If so I think I can get some.
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    most times you can't tell with a silkie until they lay or crow! [​IMG]

    So I guess it would depend on what they are mixed with! if they had crowns or they were taller then the rest

    if you get a picture it might help but no guarantee!
  3. I would know for sure what they are in about 3 weeks. The guy that runs the breeding program there is on vacation so the girl was not to sure what mixed they are.

    I personally do not think they are Silkie x's just because they have feathers. Not the soft feathers like a Silkie. No crowns either.

    I will run down and snap a few photos of these guys. They are a very pretty color and I like that they have smokey grey legs and beaks!!
  4. OK I got photos. Working on loading them up.

    But I think this now should be move into

    What Breed and Gender Forum.
  5. Here they are sorry not as feathered out as I thought and I did notice today some crowns on a few of them.

    The owner told me they are definitely Silkie but not sure what else is mixed in with them. They also have black legs, sorry they were napping so no shots of the legs.







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