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  1. We have a funny little bantam mutt that hangs with our large fowl. Will her tiny little eggs produce bantams, medium or could they grow to large fowl size?
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    Feb 26, 2009
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    When my bantams mixed with some EE"s I had, the chicks were bigger thah the Hen and smaller than the rooster! Hope this helps.
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    When you cross a Bantam with a Large Fowl, then the offspring are a medium size.
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    I have a young cockerel that is from an OEG hen and dutch bantam roo. The cockerel is the same size as the rest of the bantam cockerels. My OEG hen is very big, much bigger than others that I have seen. I would probably compare her to my dad's RIR hens, so this cockerel took after his daddy [​IMG]
  5. Well our itsy bitsy bantam is the last itty bitty we have, other than one darling little mf d'uccle roo. She completely rejected him, and he is supposed to be rehomed to someone who needs a mate to their special needs chicken. But my children are very upset that our bantam won't have some bantam chicks. So now I don't know what the heck to do, other than go buy some silkies. [​IMG]
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    ooh, got some in the bator......
    when will you need them?

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