Bantam roo and 24 hens


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Oct 23, 2010
New to bantams! My son convinced me to bring home one straight run polish white crested bantam when we brought home 12 chicks this spring to increase the flock. We hoped for a hen but you know how it goes and we have a roo. There are no other roos in our flock, so no one to contest him, and he is instead getting picked on and starting to go bald. He is 18-20 weeks old. Half of the hens are a year old and the other half are his age. He's just a little bitty thing and is so different than the girls, so I guess I'm wondering: 1) Is it a bad idea to keep him? and 2) What would you do? Thanks!


Hoppy Spring 🐇
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Jul 16, 2015
If he's your only crested bird he might have troubles as you have seen. Single crested birds in a flock often get pecked, sometimes to death. You could keep him separately until he grows up. Otherwise I wouldn't keep him with the older hens for his own safety.

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