Bantam roo and big hens

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    OK, my only roo left is a bantam, and my girls are all large EEs. None of the girls felt like being broody last year when I had a large roo for them, so, of course this spring, already one hen is nesting and starting to sit on a nest. My question is- can the little man actually get the job done? Or should I just buy some eggs from someone on this board and swap them out from under her.

    We just have the girls as pets with eggs for benefits, and we are down to 6 hens. We'd love to have one of them hatch out chicks. (we don't really want to get into having chicks in the house and then trying to introduce them to the flock if we can avoid it)
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    I dont now the offical answer to that but usually where theres a male theres a way [​IMG]
    You could of course do several diffrent things let her set on her eggs and in lik 7 days candle them and see if there any good
    let her sit on her eggs pluse get her 1/2 a dozen from somewhere else and see what happens
    take her eggs and put new ones under her < I never give up on eggs so this woudnt be my first choice personnaly>
    break her brood cycle
    give her a few day old chicks< this dosnt always work>

    I am not an expert I am a newbie so this is all ideas I would think of but I dont have much basis for comparisin

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