Bantam Roo to Hen Ratio-how many?????

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Aug 7, 2012

I have a pair of D'uccle Mille Fleur bannys and they have grown up together very happily, since May. The other day I noticed that she had missing feathers on her head (I assume it was because she started laying eggs about 2 weeks ago and he has reached sexual maturity, and perhaps he had tried mating her)...

I know I have a bad male to female ratio, but I noticed that after free ranging, her head where there were no feathers, was a little bloody. I cleaned her up and separated them so he couldnt keep pecking her (the separation isnt in ideal places, so I need a solution...). After coming home and seeing how upset mr. roo was, I decided to let him and her say hi, and he grabbed her head again and pinned her down, opening her scab back up... I plan to keep them separate until she is healed.

The point being, what is the proper hen to roo ratio for bannys? I have a friend who is willing to give me her old english bantam hen to help ease the "sexual" frustration that he has. I have heard anywhere from 3:1 - 12:1...I have limited space, and want to keep him to get some fertile eggs (at least until I can have a big enough flock to get rid of him)

Please let me know your thoughts...I need helppppp!!
Roosters have to hold on to the backs of their heads for balance when mating. But if she is wounded, definitely keep her separated from him until she completely heals.

The minimum ratio would be 5 hens to 1 rooster. You will still get a "favorite" that will probably be overmated. You can have up to 10 hens per rooster and still keep good fertility.
I am thinking of bringing in 3, 5 week old pullets to the pair...will this make a difference or should I introduce older hens that are already laying? I didn't know if the age difference would keep him occupied or if he will still only mate with my hen if 3 younger ones are introduced.

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