bantam roos....

DD yardbirds

6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
Muskogee Oklahoma
Ideas on these lil guys? I'm new to this as in inherited these lil guys and not sure what breed any ideas?

top 2 pics are same lil guy

this lil guy has alot of heart lol but needs his own type any ideas?
I hate it when the pics don't enlarge when clicked!

We really need better pics, but I'm saying silkie/cochin mixes. They both look to have crests, the red guy has five toes and looks like a walnut comb.
I'm sorry for the pics not being the best these birds needed a home and I really didnt know anything about them but thanks for taking the time to look for me. I have had them for about 3 weeks and now im chicken crazy as these free birds have set me back about 1000 for they had to have a new nice house and feed and fence and i just love them! And have now started my polish collection with 3 buff silver laced and a tro of tolbunt chicks not sure what they will be yet lol.

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