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Jul 22, 2009
I have 10 hens to one rooster. He is a beautiful BIG RIR. Hence the word BIG. About half of my hens are just bared backed from him. I was thinking of retiring him to a friends farm and getting a bantam rooster. Would the hens have a hard time adjusting to the new rooster and would a batam still protect them as well as a standard rooster?? Maybe some saddles would help, he just seems to over power some of the hens..
That's smart thinking on your part. Especially if your RIR rooster is tearing up the poor girls. And little bantam roosters think they're just as big as anybody, so yes, they will get used to another rooster. I would bring in an adult bantam rooster though because there will probably be a little bit of sparring at first because he'll still have to establish himself as the top of the pecking order.

I think it's a good idea.
Thanks for your input. I might have a hard time finding an adult bantam. I'm just nervous about the change because even though my RIR rooster seems to be on the rough side the girls sure do like him.. I have a seperate cage inside my pasture for the chickens I was going to put my RIR rooster in there for about a month to see how the hens would react to him gone. They will stilll be next to him but no action will happen..
I am pretty sure you can find an adult bantam roo without too much difficulty. I have a bantam minorca roo I am willing to place - but I don't want to ship him. But typically roos aren't too difficult to locate.
Have you considered chicken saddles? I think some BYCers sell them on here.

If you do put a bantam rooster in with your hens, keep a close eye on things to make sure the hens don't kill him.
Wow is that possible?? I have not even seen a bantam rooster or hen how much smaller are they than a standard chicken? I have seen tham in hatchery catalogs and realize the size but have not physically seen one. Maybe I would be better raising one with a couple pullets and then introducing them to the flock?? My concern with the saddles are bugs. Do they harbor bugs under the saddle and how long should and could they stay on, 1 week, 1 month??

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