Bantam roosters with Standard hens?

Sep 30, 2019
Portland, Oregon

I'm a crazy person with a rooster-designated coop/run, 8'x16', for eight Bantam cockerels. They are about eleven weeks now and I gotta keep them! I have another coop/run that is more square feet for their pullet cousins and my favorite cockerel. I've had them since they were two days old. Everyone gets a long really well. There were a few cockerels I was lucky enough to find homes for because they were troublemakers. Now things are calm.

I was thinking it would be nice to have some more egg layers (!) and wondered if I could put two or three standard (friendly breed) hens in with my Bantam boys. Could larger hens let those boys know to stay in line or would this just cause the boys to fight all the time? I'm guessing the latter!


Wattle Fondler
May 23, 2017
Greenville S.C, formerly Noneya U.S.A
Do you have flea markets where you are? Cute "pet" bantam boys are super easy to sell especially near holidays when children are more apt to be shopping with their parents.
Thanks! That's just what I was thinking but I wanted to double-check! Oh I wish there was a place for all the unwanted roosters!

Yes people eat them, Latino and Asian communities love,love,love fresh ingredients big or small.
My neighbor's Latino yard men ask if I have extra guys every year for soup.:)
Where is this place?!
And do people actually eat Bantams? Because everyone I suggest it to says they're way too small!

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