Bantam, wheaten/blue wheaten Ameraucana trio, Blehm line, NPIP, in VA


11 Years
Oct 15, 2008
Central Virginia
My daughter is downsizing her show flock and is offering a trio of bantam Ameraucanas from John Blehm's line. The cock is blue wheaten, 1 1/2 years old, a proven producer of nice babies (his daughter won Reserve Champion AOCCL and his son won Champion AOCCL and overall Reserve Champion Bantam in the junior division of the VPBA show a couple of weeks ago). The pullets are 4 months old, one wheaten and one blue wheaten, and when they start laying will produce nice blue eggs. She is asking $20 for the trio. We are an NPIP certified flock located in central VA near Charlottesville. No shipping, sorry. I thought I had these birds placed before Christmas but the man never made final arrangements to pick them up so they are again available.

In the photo below the rooster's beard had been picked out by a naughty hen, but he molted this fall and his beard's back now. I can email a more recent photo if desired.



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