Bantam won't stay on roost


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
I have 4 large fowl hens. Recently I introduced a 5 month old Brahma pullet and a 5 month old Bantam Cochin. The Brahma pullet has started roosting with the big girls, but the cochin hasn't. I have tried putting her on the roost but she just jumps down. She seems upset to be by herself on the bottom though (she paces around). . . plus it's cold when you don't have a chicken to snuggle up against. Do bantams not typically roost? I've had some in the past that did. Any thoughts on whether she will ever roost with the big girls? What can I do to make her more comfortable?

I don't recall anything unusual about my cochin bantams. They were tiny, fluffy, broody and liked to set on the ground. But as far as roosting went, I think they did roost. I did however have over 20 of them.
OK. Is it awful she sleeps by herself? I'm hoping to get a few Mille D'Uccles next week, but it will be awhile before they do outside. Maybe they won't roost. . .
I never had that type of bantam, but I did once have a porceline. I find that bantams, usually like to roost high. Can you just go to her during the night time and put her roosting?
I had the same problem. About a week ago I put 5 new baby chicks in the main coop because they're big enough to go in there. I had a blue cochin mix bantam hen and she would go sleep in the nesting boxes that were on the ground. But now she roosts. You might give her a few days, if you just put her in there and she is new then she may just be getting used to all the new chickens! Is she ful grown?
She's about 5 or 6 months. She's been in with the big girls for 2 weeks
now. Her friend, the brahma pullet just started roosting so maybe she will eventually. I just worry she can't jump as high as everyone else.
Well I dunno what to tell you ... she never even trys to go onto the roost at all? You might try putting her on the roost with her buddy.
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She never tries to get up on the roost. I have put her on a few times and she jumps right off. I hope she figures it out soon!

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