Bantams sick


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7 Years
Jul 28, 2012
One of my bantams began to sneeze, i separated him from the others, he got a worse, i could hear mucus/wheezing in his chest. And his eyes are leaky. (clear fluid)
I bought Vetrx and was treating for a cold, but it seems to just be getting worse.
I noticed another bantam sneezing today and moved him away from the others too.

These birds have not been outside overnight, and have only been allowed out when i felt that it was warm enough.

Both of the birds showing signs of sickness are single combed, and run in a flock of 3 rose comb bantams, 2 singles, and a RIR.. So far only the single bantams are showing sickness.
Most likely whatever it is will spread through the whole flock, they are contagious before they show signs. It can be very difficult to diagnose respiratory disease in chickens without lab work but they may very well need antibiotic's to get them over it. They can catch stuff from other nearby chicken flocks or from wild birds. Whatever it is they will likely remain carrier's even after they have recovered. I had my rooster come up with sneezing, a wet cough and not feeling well last week. Had him in to the vet for labs so we can try to figure out what we're dealing with. In the meantime he's on Baytril liquid twice a day.

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