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  1. Okay--so I order 12 Sultan eggs from IDEAL last year. I got two to hatch & survive to adulthood, however I lost my roo already [​IMG]

    I ordered standards & I was convinvced I was sent Bantams because of how small the birds ended up as adults...

    However, I was talking to the "Crazy Turkey Lady" this weekend (she lives up the road & buys eggs from me for eating) and she thinks my Sultan is a standard, not a bantam?? [​IMG]

    Maybe my perception of a bantam was off because I only have MASSIVE Light Brahmas & big Cochins & the little Sultan looks really little in I assumed she was a Bantam....

    So how I do know if it's a standard or a bantam? I looked online & only found weights of the birds (like 4lbs for a Sultan hen, standard). This bird in no way is that now I'm thinking she IS a bantam. Is there a height requirement? LOL I'm not sure I could weigh her...but I KNOW she's not more than a pound or two, at the most...

    I'm asking all of this because I love that little bird & I want to order some more like her--but I want bantams or standards (whatever she is) so they can go in together & I can breed them...

    Hope I made SOME sense? [​IMG]


  2. Here are some pics of her:


    With a nice Muscovy butt in the background, LOL
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    If I remember right.... bantam sultans are bred to have the huge vulture hocks while standard is more or less close to regular feather booting.
  4. Hmmm...she has pretty good sized vulture hocks....
  5. Anyone else?
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    I have a bantam and she is alot smaller that yours. so I am not sure she look standard. you cannot see light under my chicken she is so low to the ground..

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