Bantie with diarrhea?

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    I've already seen the 'poop' site, first thing so y'all know!

    One of my little red Cornish hens has a really dirty bottom and she's is kind of bald back there so its easy to see - its crusty, runny, brownish yellow and white ooze, no blood that I can discern, but there is a little stuck in the few feathers she has left. She also tends to hang out under the coop during the day and there's no way I'll be able to get under there to look for anything that might be 'hers'. She seems to be normal otherwise (follows me around looking for a treat, seems to be of good weight and energy level.) She seems to be the only one with this problem, but not all the pullets came out from under the coop so I could be sure.

    Since there doesn't seem to be any blood, I thought perhaps worms?

    I read through a few threads, and thought the best place to begin was with some food grade DE in their food, as I hadn't wormed them as they are all under a year and completely enclosed in a run and rather low risk for that. I put a nice big spoonful in their food a bit ago and mixed it over their crumbles, so they'll all have a bit when they go in for a bite (or is that a peck?)

    Would that be enough to start or should I put in more? How many days will be too many days with diarrhea?

    Any other kind of food she should have access to to help her out?

    What would my next step be if this doesn't work (or if I have the same problem sometime in the future with other birds)? I like to have a 'plan' in my mind so I can act rationally rather than run about like a chicken [​IMG] without a -- uhhh -- [​IMG]

    No vets out here that work with chickens but I do have access to a big Tractor Supply if I need to buy something for her.

    Thanks! - shana
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    I'd try giving some plain yogurt as well and isolate in case it is contagious

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