Banty Hen and Raising Chicks


May 8, 2015
Hi my frizzle cochin banty (who didn't frizzle) had recently decided she wanted to be a mama so I'm gunna let her sit on 4 eggs. 2 banty and 2 LF. This is the first time one of my hens has gone broody (all of my hens are roughly a year old, so yeah...). And I was wondering if anyone had any tips? Also, the father of all the chicks is a Buckeye roo and I was wondering if its ok for a mixed-sized chick to catch out of a banty egg...or will it be bad for the chick since the egg is so small? I'm new to hatching chicks...


Winter, the Buckeye roo

The eggs I'm using are: an egg from a California white, an egg from either a Cuckoo Maran, welsummer, or black sex link, and 2 banty eggs. I have 4 banty hens, a white frizzle cochin (who didn't frizzle) and a blue cochin, and then I have 2 Easter egger banty hens, but I don't think their eggs are fertilized. Do you think the chicks will look cool?

Sorry about the bad pic of the roo, he's rather mean and I didn't wanna get any closer than I had 2.....

These r the eggs I am hopefully going to use...well, not these exact eggs, because I would like to use eggs that have been laid that day. So I hope my hens don't let me down.....
(From left to right) California white, welsummer of cuckoo maran, white frizzle cochin banty, and I'm not sure which banty the last one came from... It'll be a surprise.
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Welcome to BYC! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

Nice pics. Your birds are pretty! Good luck with the hatch! I've never let a broody hatch chicks so I can't help you there. But BYC has some great articles on letting hens hatch chicks. Here are two of them

You might want to move her into a dog crate or other box where she can't be bothered by the other chickens or animals. Put some food and water in there and just let her sit in there for the 21 days. Then once the chicks hatch, keep her in there for the first few days so they can get acquainted with mom and each other. Plus they will stay safer.

Good luck!
IF HE is really such a mean roo do you want chicks from him? So many good roos are desperate for homes there is Never a good Reason to keep a bad rooster. The bad ones usually get worse until they seriously injure hens or humans and end up swimming with noodles in chicken soup. Just my opinion but, I'd forget about these eggs - dump the rooster and try again with a GOOD rooster. You might decide to get one a better size to go with your hens, so you don't have to worry about big chicks in little eggs, etc.
Yeah, I c what u mean. But my parents don't want any more roosters and its not my rooster to get rid of, it's my sisters. So it's up to her. And he doesn't bother any of my family except for my sister and me. I think he is just protective of 'his' hens.
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I had a mean Banty Roo, he looked just like yours, we no longer have him after he tried to attack me or anything that came around him!! I have another Banty Roo (Ninja Chicken) who is a sweet heart, BUT I grabbed him by his neck after he pecked me the 5th time and shook him a little, i know it sounds horrible but it worked!! Ninja Chicken is my sweet Roo now lol

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