Bare Back Chicks


Jul 29, 2016
This is my first time here. Thank you in advance.

I hatched out about 30 chicks this past Spring/Early Summer. I had one "mutt" breed in perticular that has a very unusual condition. Their back and neck feathers wont come in? They are 3 months old now, and they still have completely bare backs and spotty feathering on their necks. All of the other varities are completely fine, with full feathers. They are not being pecked at or abused by any of the other chickens. I even had another born 30 days later that came out the same way. I'm just wondering if the "mutt" mix just has a genetic mutation?
Are any Cochins? If so, are any genetically recessive frizzle? I know of a few chicks that had slow feather growth in areas and others as well said their chicks had feathers then went bald then the feathers all grew in again.

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