Bare bottom bird

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6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
One of my six hens just lost ALL the feathers on her bottom around her vent. This morning she was fine and this afternoon they were all gone. What is happening? Is this what molting looks like? Or is something wrong?

My birds free range and I feed them an organic layer crumble. They have fresh water and their bedding is pine shavings. It has been quite hot the past week but they have plenty of shade. They seem to be generally happy birds, eating and pecking the grass and taking dust baths under the shrubs.

They are not laying well - I inherited the four layers from someone who said he was getting three eggs a day. I'm getting only one each day. That makes me think maybe molting...?

Could someone please tell me if I should be worried, or if this is normal?

Sounds like molting. There are other causes though - one of my hens lost her bottom feathers suddenly after she had just recovered from an illness.
They grew back quite quickly as she regained full health.

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