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    Hi all,
    for a while now I have been noticing my hens feathers have been getting a little thin around the bottom area, and that some of the feathers are turning whitish, (even the Australorps!) So I am just wondering if they are pecking at each other, or moulting, or what the heck is going on. My rock, on closer inspection, has a naice clean, bottom, nothing unusual, no blood, just holes where feathers used to be. One of my australorps has the same problem, and my second australorp's bottom feathers are starting to look thin. My two EE's and my third australorp don't have the problem, which is interesting as they are at the bottom of the pecking order. It isn't to cold out, so I'm not worried that much, I just want to know if it is mites, because then I have a problems. I do spread stall dry, (drying agent mixed with DE,) all over the coop to keep it dry and mite-free, so they are probably not the problem. A final note, there are no blood feathers coming out of the hens bottoms, so it may not be moulting, unless they moult really slow. I have never accually observed and fights or pecking, and I have met all of the space requirements for six chickens in the coop and run.

    Thank you so much!!!!!!! [​IMG]

    I'll post pics tomorrow, as they are on the roost right now.
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    Best check for mites/lice at night as some are off during the day. That said, molting is supposed to start at the head/neck area. I would bet that you have feather picking going on -- space, boredom, too little protein are the usual issues. Meeting minimal space requirements is not necessarily enough, especially if they are staying in the coop more due to weather.
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