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  1. One of my new hens has a bare butt, i didnt notice it when i got her unfortunately- my fault.
    She is very skittish so I'm having a hard time grabbing her even at night.i follow her around and her butt is totally bare when she moves her feathers to poop. It looks smooth and a slight bit red/pink. No signs of flies or parasites but i realy need to grab her to totally check her out. I have vericyclin and other meds.

    How can i grab her without freaking her out even more as i need to treat her.

    She is eating fine and poops are solid. All hens were dewormed twice already too

    She has great energy too and walks fine around the yard etc. she has a little bit of dried poop sticking to her feathers also.
  2. seminolewind

    seminolewind Flock Mistress Premium Member 10 Years

    Sep 6, 2007
    spring hill, florida
    She may have lost them. I've seen quite a few of my hens have a bare bottom now and then . And eventually it goes away. To keep them still I pick them up and wrap them in a towel.
  3. During the day I can't get near her. At night i can. As soon as my bf gets home we will get her and i will take pics
  4. She hasn't laid any eggs at all and is supposed to have laid blue eggs at her other owners but hasn't fore. The other hen i got with her has been laying green eggs faithfully so i hope its just she is molting and not something else
  5. seminolewind

    seminolewind Flock Mistress Premium Member 10 Years

    Sep 6, 2007
    spring hill, florida
    I think many people get involved with chickens thinking that they lay every day. Even aside from molting, there are many reasons for a chicken to take a break from laying, some longer than others, and some breeds do lay every day.

    I don't think a bare butt is a good excuse, LOL
  6. Well miss bare butt is clean and butt inspected.. Lol.. Her butt is fine, clean and feathers growing back in. I had 4 hands helping tonight.
    I know they dont lay every day, which is fine, but when the two i buy only one lays right away and the other doesnt well that is a concern. I know stress plays a huge part, light, feed, etc . Out of 14 hens i have 6 laying right now. Which i am fine with . I just try to rule out issues . Out of 2 new hens one is laying. Out of 6 new hens from September 1 faithfully is laying now, i had 2 but now the buff silkie isnt. Out of 6 original hens 5 are laying , sometimes 4 . I get between 4-7 eggs a day , which is fine as its just eggs for me and the dogs. I make sure to ask what food hens were eating and i make sure everyone eats what they were prevoiusly( and all ate purina layena crumbles and everyone is now)
  7. masloozinit76

    masloozinit76 In the Brooder

    Feb 19, 2014
    A bare butt can also be a sign of mites or lice. Check her feathers closely for nits and bugs and check the coop at night. Mites hide in the wood during the day and come out at night. It can also be from her being picked on by someone. Sometimes they do it themselves, either out of habit or when they are going broody to get closer to the eggs.
  8. I checked all for mites and lice too, dusted all of them when i got them and recently too and cleaned and dusted coop as well. So far bug /parasite free. I think she might have gotten it from old owner as now feathers are growing back and bf said he noticed it when we got her and other hen so i told him he should have said something sooner too. I'm going to keep an eye on her just to be safe for a bit
  9. And she has lice on her butt area ..., vet trip tonight confirmed what i couldn't see on her ..i bought a chicken with lice and its my fault for not seeing them then its my fault for taking her now a month and a half later to the vet as she wasn't clearing up. So now I'm to blame and i have to treat all 14 hens..
    So i have poultry protector and it froze in the shed. I have it in the house now thawing out can i still use it? I have real neem oil, Sevin dust, and wood ash. The vet wants me to spray all the hens with permethrin liquid but its winter here and i am worried their butts will freeze with the temperature at 16....
    Shoukd i just dust their butts wings etc or also use the liquid too? The one hen will get both , the rest dustings.. Does this sound correct? Vet said it wasn't that bad which is good
  10. I feel beyond horrible :(

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