Bare legged roo and loitering hen

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    Feb 24, 2007
    Maybe the problem is mites. I haven't examined him with a flashlight in the dark. But my beautiful buff orp roo's legs are bare in the front and the skin of the center of the bare spots is red as if it were sunburned. He also has bare spots on his sides just above the knee joint, but those spots are not as red. I dusted him today with Sevin and will spray the chicken house with malathion in a couple of days.

    If he has mites, does that mean the others do, too, even if they are not showing signs? Is this the proper treatment? Do I need to dust them all, 28, total?

    Another question about feathers. This roo is a three-time survivor of a dog masacre and last December he lost his entire tail in the fray. He was barebutted all winter. Those long tail feathers have never grown back. Is that because of mites, or do feathers pulled out by the roots not grow back, or did he get frostbite and ruin his tail prospects? He's still pretty, though, and I love him.

    Also, I have a 27 week old black hen which is either an Iowa Blue or a Blue Hamburg, who has been hanging out in nests and sat there for two hours today, cackling as she left, but no egg, yet. Looks and acts fine, but could she be having trouble laying that first egg or is this normal for pullets? I'm not a complete newbie, but obviously not a pro.

    Much obliged for the help.
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    If your roo has mites then usually the others will too, although sometimes a weak bird seems to get them worse. Maybe they just dont dust bathe as vigorously.

    I had a rooster who lost all his tail feathers and they didnt seem to be growing back in. Then, I happened to be in their coop one night and noticed that the hen who was roosting next to him kept pecking at his tail. I think that she had been plucking out his tail feathers as fast as they grew back! Maybe thats what is happening to your guy!

    Sounds like your hen is getting ready to start laying.


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